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As an optical pioneer, we have unique full-stack self-developed technologies
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Lochn R&D Center

Lochn Optics boasts core members from renowned optoelectronic institutes and active involvement in national and EU research projects. Members have published 100+ research papers in mainstream optical journals and served as reviewers for Optics Express, Optica, and Optics Letter. The R&D team comprises 60+ members, 50% of whom hold doctoral or master's degrees in optics. They're organized into various groups, with a focus on pupil expansion, surface relief, waveguide development, microelectronics, process design, structural and quality assurance, and product customization. These groups synergize and collaborate to deliver high-quality, customer-focused products.


Authoritative Enterprise in Intellectual Property Management

Lochn Optics is a nationally certified enterprise in intellectual property management with over 230 patents, and more than 60% of them being invention patents. The company's comprehensive intellectual property strength allows it to break foreign technical barriers and lead the development of the domestic optical waveguide industry. It has established a complete intellectual property management system, with patents, software copyrights, and trademarks protected through a commercial protection system. Lochn Optics' intellectual property number for optics has entered the top ten lists globally.


Holography and Precision Optics Research Center.

Lochn Optics established the Holography and Precision Optics Research Center in 2019 for holography-based research. They've made significant breakthroughs in developing prototypes for holographic AR-3D and large-surface, 2D-pupil expanded holographic waveguide HUD displays. The center prioritizes intellectual property development with numerous patents secured to enter the global market. Lochn Optics partners strategically with ADAYO to advance large-surface waveguide HUD displays. These breakthroughs will lead a new trend in intelligent cockpit displays and interactions.


Micro-nano Photonics Research Center

Lochn Optics actively deploys surface relief grating waveguide technology, with the Lochn Micro-nano Photonics Research Centeraiming to promote diffractive optics development and micro-nano device industrialization. The center has completed production line construction to accelerate iterative development and already achieved significant developments. Several single-green and full-color diffractive waveguide products are in small-scale production and match the needs of multiple end-users. The R&D team holds years of experience in diffractive optics designs and has deployed several important patents. Lochn deepens cooperation with renowned universities to maintain its position as a leading AR optical products developer.