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Reflective Waveguides

Precision unveiled through display's screen, A lifelike view, as if on the scene

Applied in helmet-mounted and eyeglasses-mounted products

  • Precision Crafted Precision Crafted
  • Real-time visualization Real-time visualization
  • Sun-readable Sun-readable
  • High-definition High-definition
Reflective Waveguides

Diffractive waveguide

Light as wings, with minimalistic flair, Uninterrupted brilliance, beyond compare

Applied in lightweight glasses

  • Light Light
  • Super brightness Super brightness
  • Precision lithography Precision lithography
  • Full color sharpness Full color sharpness
Diffractive waveguide

Holographic waveguide

Compact and charming, with AR-HUD to see, Potential for greatness, beyond what we foresee

Applied in large-screen products such as AR-HUD for vehicles

  • Large-screen display Large-screen display
  • Ultra-compact engine Ultra-compact engine
  • 3D3D visualization 3D visualization
  • Domestically pioneered Domestically pioneered
Holographic waveguide
Industry solutions that provide a comprehensive view of everything in front of you
Leisure and entertainment
Smart healthcare
Intelligent Culture and Tourism
Social entertainment
Intelligent chemical engineering
Intelligent Industry
Car mounted AR-HUD
Smart Office
intelligent security